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Homeless Prevention & Homeless Services

Capital Area Community Services focuses on a strength based approach in service delivery which builds upon the strengths within the family unit. Programs focus on stabilization, support and growth programs to lead families up and out of poverty.

Shelter and home heating assistance is available for the prevention of homelessness.
  • Direct payment assistance for home heating assistance requires participation in an Energy Smart Workshop prior to payment to the service provider.
  • Direct shelter payment assistance requires participation in a Basic Budgeting workshop prior to payment to the vendor.
Services focus on the following:
  • Resolution of the Immediate Emergency and
  • Strategies to prevent recurrence of the crisis in the future.
  • Required participation in an educational workshop.

Additionally the required educational component for home heating assistance provides the identification of energy saving alternatives to reduce energy consumption and assist the family in becoming more self sufficient.

The required educational program component for rent or mortgage assistance provides an assessment of household spending habits and the development of skills to prioritize spending to meet basic needs and stabilize the family.

Capital Area Community Services promotes individual growth and self-sufficiency through a series of Money Management workshops which include Basic Budgeting, Financial Well Being, Credit Repair, and Common Cents.

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